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Our website is undergoing changes and some listed testing may not be available any longer.  Except for Amish targeted testing and GAP testing, please call prior to ordering to be sure a test is available.


DDC Clinic
Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Telephone: 440-632-5532
e-mail: lab@ddcclinic.org

Our Story

Our Story


Twenty years ago in Northeast Ohio, five Amish families with children suffering from devastating conditions were trying to find answers. DDC Clinic – Center for Special Needs Children was born as a unique collaboration of families, medical professionals and research scientists. Started as a non-profit medical and research facility to serve local families affected by rare and undiagnosed genetic conditions, the Center quickly became an internationally recognized leader for diagnosis, treatment and research of many complex disorders. Early diagnosis and treatment has dramatically improved patient outcomes and saved lives.

With inspiration from our founding families to help others find answers, DDC Clinic Lab uses the expertise obtained through clinical service and research to serve a much broader range of patients and families.

DDC Clinic Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

  • Specializes in molecular diagnosis of rare diseases.
  • Provides compassionate, personalized service with quick turn-around times.
  • Inspired by our founders, we strive to help others. Our motto is “Treat each sample as we treat our patients.”
  • Our laboratory director is also a clinician with a passion for research. We understand and are supportive of other clinician’s research and academic interests.
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